Is This The Swiss Army Knife of Control Panels?

The Lares 4.0 is a Master of All Trades

19.09.2018 - Ksenia Security recently launched what they are calling the largest scalable hybrid control panel that ranges from 16 to over 600 I/O for security as well as home and building auto...

Ksenia Security recently launched what they are calling „the largest scalable hybrid control panel“ that ranges from 16 to over 600 I/O for security as well as home and building automation. The new IP control panel has been designed for the current digital industrial revolution and is called the lares 4.0. GIT SECURITY spoke with Flavio Zarlenga, Sales and Marketing Director at Ksenia Security, to find out more about this apparently so versatile platform.
Lares enables you to manage a number of inputs, from detectors for example, and outputs in order to control lights, climatic equipment, irrigation, automatic doors and windows or, in fact any type of automation or appliance. In other words, on top of all the required security functionality, even Smart Home or Smart Building features can now be managed by lares 4.0, a single user app, and programmed by the installer from any mobile terminal via the Ksenia Pro app. The system handles well over 600 inputs and 1,600 outputs for larger sites.
The platform has been developed and manufactured with what the company believes to be unprecedented characteristics of power, calculation speed and capacity of memory calculations. It is not only manageable but even programmable from any mobile with the dedicated app (Ksenia Pro), available for the professional installer.
The mother board has an Ethernet port as well as an onboard wireless transceiver (868 MHz, bi-directional) and so is compatible with all the manufacturer‘s existing wireless peripherals. A 3G Module (and soon also 4G-LTE) as well as a PSTN module if required ensure that the transmission of voice messages,emails ,contact ID and SIA DC-09 Level III Protocol to the central monitoring stations is provided in any application communication.

Reassuring Service
The special installers app for the company‘s lares IoT products also enables the centralization and geolocation of all installed panels and provides very convenient maintenance functionality by push notifications. This is a complementary aspect of the systems rating to EN 50131 Grade 3, which is a requirement to ensure a response from the emergency services in many countries. No matter where the installer happens to be when a problem is reported, he can investigate the cause remotely. Should he need to, he can also access the system‘s technical documentation remotely.

Three Questions from GIT SECURITY to Flavio Zarlenga, Sales Marketing Director at Ksenia Security Srl:

GIT SECURITY: Mr. Zarlenga, Ksenia Security has released the lares 4.0 platform. Why is this an important technological innovation in the era of the digital industrial revolution?
Flavio Zarlenga: lares 4.0 controls both security and home and building automation, such as lights, climatic equipment, irrigation, doors, windows or any type of IoT-connected device, as well as video surveillance, intrusion detection or access control. Features can be programmed by the installer and managed by the end user via our Secureweb server. The control panel is designed for the most severe installation and operating conditions and for the most ‚sensitive‘ applications, and complies with the EN50131 grade 3 standard.

How does lares communicate with all the systems that it is connected to?
Flavio Zarlenga: On all versions, dual path communication (IP + 3G, and soon also 4G-LTE) is always guaranteed to obviate a broken cable or a black-out. Where necessary, a PSTN module is also available to provide full communication redundancy. The sending of voice messages, e-mails with camera‘s snapshots, text messages, push notifications to the user, contact ID and SIA DC-09 level III protocol to the central monitoring stations is guaranteed.

When will the new User Experience for lares 4.0 be available?
Flavio Zarlenga: This has just been released, and includes an attractive, user-friendly dashboard. This is fully customizable by the user with options to choose both favorite items and a white or black background. Categories have been introduced to create logical groups, for example of security or smart-home related items, and a room concept helps find devices according to the room where they are physically installed.


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