Sicurezza: A Secure Date in November

An Advance Look at the Products and Services at Sicurezza 2010

01.10.2010 - Sicurezza is the international safety and security trade show that will be held in Milan, Italy in halls 1, 2 and 4 at the Fieramilano Rho from 17 to 19 November (new dates). The e...

Sicurezza is the international safety and security trade show that will be held in Milan, Italy in halls 1, 2 and 4 at the Fieramilano Rho from 17 to 19 November (new dates). The exhibition complex is conveniently close to the metro and railways stations and the trade show is open on each of the three days from 09:30 until 18:00.

Sicurezza, now in its 15th edition, is "the" unique international exhibition in Italy for the security industry. The term ‘security‘ of course now covers a broad range of disciplines, technologies and skills. Therefore a number of sub-headings are necessary to bring some order into the long list of products and services that will be promoted there.

A growing section of interest covers integrated and intelligent buildings. Here we can expect to find environmental products such as blinds and shutters, climate, lighting and utility control as well as sound diffusion. But the integration of these into security systems is of growing interest and there are certain to be some novel ideas available to study.

Certainly the largest section is entitled anti-intrusion and burglary systems. This will cover the fields of CCTV with all its support and ancillary components, indoor and outdoor perimeter protection, all sorts of intruder detection methods, vehicle control and management, central alarm transmission and control as well as the use of satellites for security purposes. Either careful visit planning in advance or three full days at the trade show will be necessary to do justice to the wide variety of solutions that will be presented here.

The transport and storage of money and valuables demands a section of its own and this contains armored rooms, special vehicles, armor-clad counters and various storage units. It extends also to the protective equipment those personnel on the move need in order to ensure their safety, such as bullet-proof vests and helmets as well as special communications devices.

Of course, if we can prevent crime before it happens, so much the better. For this, the manufacturers of detection and inspection equipment within the intelligence and counter-terrorism section will be demonstrating the effectiveness their products. Explosives, weapons and drugs will be discovered and industrial or political espionage bugs ruthlessly exposed.

The subject of fire prevention will include all flavours of smoke, flame and heat detectors as well as the control systems that analyze and transmit the alarms. The equipment available to extinguish a fire that has already started as well as products and materials for firefighters will take up a significant portion of the total exhibition space. Safety evacuation signs, fire resistant cabling and emergency lighting will also be found here.
The most prominent sector associations will take an active part in building and promoting Sicurezza 2010, and it will also have a new prestigious partner: the UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute), in charge of applied research in crime and the field of justice. With the collaboration of such an important institute, Fiera Milano Rassegne will organize a forum on relevant and topical subjects such as major events security and energy network urban security.

Every afternoon at Sicurezza 2010 a series of one-to-one meetings will be organized where delegates from the Public Sector and other end-users will be called for a face-to-face discussion with the exhibiting companies. This year in particular, the organizers are addressing the security managers of important venues such as shopping centers and museums.

Important opportunities will also be available for local police and armed forces officers, as this year‘s show will host the 1st Police International Forum with the participation of 15 international delegations called upon to discuss false document control.


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