Italian Trio: Made Expo, Sicurezza and Smart Building Expo run Together at Fiera Milano

07.09.2021 - Digitization and sustainability, the two pillars of the Italian Recovery Plan, are at the center of the three events that, in November, will offer a comprehensive preview of the materials, technologies and regulations for the building and urban sectors. The same starting date, one admission ticket valid for all events, but above all, the same goal: working as a team, exploiting potential synergies, and meeting the needs of companies and sector operators, and especially international buyers who these days are more interested than ever in optimizing their time and resources.

This is what Made expo, the leading event in Italy for the construction sector, Sicurezza, the biennial international event in the security and fire industries, and Smart Building Expo, the home and building automation and technological integration expo, will present to the market in an unprecedented combined event. In fact, all three will start simultaneously at Fiera Milano (Rho) on 22 November 2021. However, while Sicurezza and SBE will take place from the 22nd to the 24th, Made Expo will last an extra day, until 25 November, true to its traditional four-day duration. The three events will be held in the eastern section of the Fiera Milano district, logistically closest to the subway and train station, using a total of 7 pavilions: 1,2,3 and 4 for Made Expo; 5,7 and 10 for Sicurezza and Smart Building Expo.

Content and Supply Chain Synergies

It is all about logistics coordination, but also - and above all - coordinated strategy and content. We live in times that are increasingly interconnected between sectors, especially when it comes to the building sector. The new BIM platform design approach imposes coordination in the construction of a building. In the context of this process of this now irreversible change and in constant progression, the three events are presenting themselves as a team supply chain project: a unique opportunity for designers and installers to discover and review in depth, in a single location, the opportunities and challenges that systems, plants, products and regulations will have to face in the upcoming recovery phase.

Three Events, One Single Goal

In fact, the overall exhibition will present every novelty in the building sector, from materials, windows and doors and casings to plant engineering, home automation and security and fire systems; products that can comprehensively meet the needs of construction companies, plant engineers, and designers.
There will also be a cross-thematic focus representing the heart of both the exhibition and its educational aspects. There are two topics in particular that will be explored by each exhibition – digitization and sustainability – especially in terms of energy. These topics are revolutionizing every sector and at this particular moment are the driving force for recovery, as they are two of the pillars on which the Italian Recovery Plan is based that every company and professional must necessarily keep in sight in the coming months.

Special Focus

From The Place to Build at Made expo, to the Milano Smart City Conference at SBE, through to the Cyber Security Talk of the Cyber Arena at Sicurezza, just as a few examples, the events will outline the scenarios, trends, challenges, and opportunities from a digital and sustainable perspective, offering an expanded dialog on the development potential that the recovery may represent for each sector and their professionals – supported by an ambitious investment program that is unique in terms of scope and objectives.
Digitization and innovation, in terms of processes, products and services, will be determining factors in the transformation each country is called upon to achieve in the coming years, and the technological solutions on display at Made Expo, Sicurezza and Smart Building Expo may lead to developments in various sectors, primarily in construction, where the transition towards smart building – and consequently the smart city – is starting to become a reality.

The dates at Fiera Milano are from 22 to 24 November 2021 for Sicurezza and Smart Building Expo and from 22 to 25 November for Made expo.


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