Perimeter Protection Can Use Radar to Anticipate Intrusions

09.03.2021 - Perimeter protection plays a major role in the security sector. Protecting the premises of a building or an outdoor area is very important for a very broad array of industries. For instance, solutions are needed to secure property perimeters, refineries, high-security warehouses, company premises, storage spaces, and airports.

The measures and products used in perimeter monitoring are as wide-ranging as the use cases. In addition to mechanical devices, more and more equipment and electronics are being deployed to provide additional support. A traditional protective measure is to block off the premises with fences and barriers that are usually equipped with additional detection measures to recognize potential threats from a distance. Sensors detect, for example, vibrations on the fence caused by intruders attempting to climb over the obstacle. The problem is that the barrier can often be passed over quickly or might sustain damage, since there is little time for ­security personnel to arrive and further actions to be taken. This means the threat is detected too late, resulting in considerable risk of burglary.
Using a radar barrier in addition provides greater protection, as a sensor detects any persons who cross it. It is created through the continuous transmission of an electromagnetic signal that is not perceptible by humans. This method is like pulling tight an invisible rope close to the fence. If an intruder passes through the radar barrier, the sensor records that the signal has been interrupted, thus detecting whether a person is approaching the fence. Radar offers a decisive advantage over light barriers in perimeter protection, and since the technology works independently of light or weather conditions, it is ideal for outdoor use. Even in the dark, extreme temperatures, or bad weather, the sensor detects people and objects without failure. The radar barrier ensures reliable monitoring of the fence, thus securing the inner premises.

More Than Detection

When combined with acoustic warning signals or floodlights, the system can successfully deter many criminals. If the information is transmitted to the main office, security staff can then take appropriate measures, potentially preventing damage to mechanical equipment through rapid intervention. The sensor barrier’s simple operating principle has helped it become established as an early warning system in nearly every security concept. But with continuing advances in technological development, far more than just radar barriers are used nowadays in perimeter protection, with the next generation of radar sensors yielding more comprehensive and precise information. They monitor more than just a narrow strip along the fence – covering large pieces of land.
These larger detection ranges provide greater flexibility in the surveillance of property edge fencing. Even at a long distance, the detectors recognize the movements or presence of people and objects early on. This enables security personnel to react to the potential threat proactively and in good time. The more advanced sensors and systems not only detect the temporary presence of a person or object when passing through a barrier; they determine the direction of movement, speed, angle information, and distance.

Route Tracking

This data can then even be used to track an intruder’s position. In addition, modern radar devices offer another useful innovation for perimeter protection, namely radar tracking. Using this technology, a target’s movement history can be mapped in real time. The security personnel can see exactly when a figure has reached the fence or if they turn away again. In the signal analysis, advanced algorithms are utilized to differentiate between people, animals, and vehicles when detecting targets. The additional information about events within the coverage area provides a better basis for assessing the threat risk. Combined with the new features, early detection helps to reduce false alarms and increase the efficiency of perimeter protection.
Innosent has been committed to developing innovative radar solutions that contribute to optimizing and advancing security technology for years. The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of radar products that are ideally suited to the requirements of the various use cases in the security sector. From motion detectors to radar barriers to complex tracking systems, the Innosent portfolio includes many radar components for security systems.


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