AI Cloud Analytics for Camera Tampering

Eagle Eye Networks announced a camera tampering analytics that automatically detects and notifies users if a camera is tampered with. 

While camera tamper notifications are not new to the industry, Eagle Eye Networks AI-based approach serves as a differentiator, delivering enhanced accuracy, reliability, and a reduction of false alarms to Eagle Eye Cloud customers.  

Common examples of camera tampering include a sudden change to focus, a covered lens or an intentional redirection of the camera’s view by physically moving the camera. Without real-time tampering notifications, reaction times to a criminal act may be delayed, or in a more benign case, accidental camera movements, like employees cleaning, may prevent the camera from capturing later events.

“Eagle Eye Networks is more than a video surveillance platform, it’s a business intelligence platform aimed at helping customers improve operational efficiencies while keeping their businesses safe and secure. Eagle Eye Analytics instantly transforms standard analogue and IP cameras into powerful AI solutions, without any additional on-site hardware,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks

In addition to camera tampering, Eagle Eye Networks offers the following analytics:

  • Line Crossing 
  • People Counting
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Object Counting 
  • Loitering

The camera tampering analytic is immediately available globally and can be enabled within the Eagle Eye Dashboard on a camera-by-camera basis. Customers do not need to replace their existing cameras to use the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS camera tampering analytic.


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