Oncam: Addition to Evolution 05 Camera Suite

New product features improved night vision, ultra-small form-factor

Oncam announced the latest addition to its Evolution 05 camera suite, the Evolution 05 Mini Night Camera.Featuring the companys patented 360-degree dewarping technology, Oncams min...

Oncam announced the latest addition to its Evolution 05 camera suite, the Evolution 05 Mini Night Camera.

Featuring the company’s patented 360-degree dewarping technology, Oncam’s “mini” range packs a high-quality 5MP sensor and fisheye lens into an ultra-small and robust form-factor with no moving parts. The newest night model extends the range to seeing where only infrared lighting is available, making the industry-leading tool for situational awareness even more versatile.

With a steady increase in the use 360-degree cameras, end users and alarm receiving centers have consistently reported that after-hours and night-time visual alarm verification is critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of their business. Oncam has developed an IR-sensitive indoor model to help address this need, allowing optimum performance throughout the hours of darkness. The Evolution 05 Mini Night Camera is specifically designed to mount in dark or low-light environments, such as storerooms, dark corners, banks, dorms, 24-hour retail stores, and logistics or utilities centers, and is especially useful for after-hours monitoring. By adding IR illumination, the installer can maximise the detail in the captured images, without needing the lights left on.

The Evolution 05 camera range incorporates Oncam’s patented three-dimensional dewarping software to enable live and retrospective analysis of an entire scene to quickly identify threats. The free mobile app, OnVu360, brings Oncam’s signature 360-degree dewarping experience to the palm of your hand so the benefits can extend beyond just the surveillance system. 

The Evolution 05 camera range is ONVIF Profile S conformant, and integrates with third-party products that comply with ONVIF specifications. An extensive range of accessories is also available to deliver unmatched flexibility for any kind of installation, icluding ceiling, wall, table or pole-mounted applications.



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