Assa Abloy: Wireless Access Control For More Flexibility

New wireless devices offer added flexibility without sacrificing security

03.05.2019 - In light of more and more organizations switching to wireless access control systems, Assa Abloy presents their wireless access control solutions for higher flexibility and added s...

In light of more and more organizations switching to wireless access control systems, Assa Abloy presents their wireless access control solutions for higher flexibility and added security in any building. Featured are the Smartair access control system, the Cliq key-based system and Aperio, a wireless locking device for upgrading existing access control systems.

With integrated RFID readers, wireless access control systems are easy to retrofit to existing doors and buildings, giving security managers much more control over a site. And because they are battery powered and use almost no electricity when idle, wireless access control helps companies reduce energy bills.

But choosing to cut the cables is only the first of many benefits when users switch to a wireless access control system.

Credential options and mobile access
Wireless access control — like Aperio, Smartair and Cliq wireless locking from Assa Abloy — gives users a wide choice of credentials. They don’t even need to abandon physical keys.

In the Cliq key-based access control system, programmable keys with batteries power the cylinder or padlock via an encrypted interface. Electromechanical Cliq and fully electronic Ecliq cylinders are available for doors, cabinets, lifts, alarm boxes and machines as well as entrance gates. Users reprogram or revalidate their key access rights at wall devices, with portable programming devices or by making a Bluetooth connection between the key and the Cliq app.

Card-based access control leaves users with a variety of credential options as well.
Both Aperio, the wireless locking device for upgrading access control systems, and Smartair access control systems are compatible with all leading RFID proximity protocols. Users can pick from standard smart-cards, tags, bracelets and other convenient formats, tailored to the site. Wireless escutcheons come with optional Pinpads, for doors where multi-factor authentication is needed for upgraded security.

In addition, a Smartair system offers mobile-ready access. Administrators can open electronic door locks remotely. At the user end, the Openow app stores validated virtual keys on a smartphone, so there’s no need for anyone to visit a security office to physically collect or update a credential.
The virtual keys can be sent or revoked over the air: Users just tap the Smartair lock to open up via Bluetooth.

Suitable for all kinds of buildings
Whatever the size of a company’s premises, a wireless access control system fits.
In the healthcare sector, Assa Abloy’s card-based access systems can manage both big hospitals and small doctors’ surgeries — where optional anti-bacterial coatings preserve hygienic environments.

The wireless access control system can be used to protect single-unit shops and whole shopping malls, care homes and corporate headquarters.
The key-based access system Cliq, for example, caters to complex, multi-location businesses with thousands of locks securing hundreds of employees, plus contractors who need access around the clock.

Cliq is not just for big companies: An extension of the technology, Cliq Go, enables small business owners to manage an access system from a mobile app. The app can be used to cancel, issue or change the door permissions for an employee’s key.

Familiar interface, added security
Wireless access control does not restrict any system management workflows.
Assa Abloy wireless access systems contain intuitive software which makes it easy for facility managers to control, identify and update exactly who can open every door. For all Assa Abloy wireless access systems, a user-friendly software interface is accessible from almost any standard PC, tablet or smartphone.
This gives facility managers an instant overview of their site’s security status from anywhere.

With the Aperio wireless locks, users manage the new doors from the same interface as their existing access control system. Aperio devices integrate online, offline or both with access systems from over 100 different manufacturers.
System administrators see only one, familiar admin interface.

Based on a survey of industry experts, the 22-page ‘Wireless Access Control Report’ is free to download here.



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