ONVIF members present network video products at Security Essen

3rd interoperability showcase at Security Essen

22.09.2010 - ONVIF, thestandardization initiative for IP-based physical security products,announces that it will host a public demonstration of interoperable products at the Security Essen trad...

ONVIF, the standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, announces that it will host a public demonstration of interoperable products at the Security Essen trade show in Germany on October 7, 2010. This 3rd interoperability event continues ONVIF’s tradition of organizing open receptions and demonstrations of ONVIF conformant products at major trade shows in the security industry.

The event will illustrate how ONVIF makes it easy to build network video surveillance systems with products from different vendors. The demonstration, and the fact that ONVIF now boasts more than 200 member companies offering more than 200 conformant products, underscores how quickly ONVIF has become a real solution for users looking for easy-to-integrate network video products.

“ONVIF is now a reality in the global security industry,” says Jonas Andersson, Axis Communications, Chairman of ONVIF’s Steering Committee. “End users, integrators and manufacturers are clearly seeing the benefits of this technology, and it is becoming more common for users to request ONVIF conformant products in their system specifications. With more than 200 available ONVIF conformant cameras, encoders and software solutions on the market, I am happy to conclude that it is now easy for vendors to meet those requirements.”

ONVIF’s success in the industry so far has fueled the ambitions of the organization. Says Mr. Andersson: “We are currently working on version 2.0 of the ONVIF specification which, among many things, will specify open interfaces for recording and storage of video. We also recently announced the extension of ONVIF to include physical access control systems, so ONVIF is making great strides towards establishing a global, open standard for IP-based security and safety devices.”