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Multi-national company CBC – founded over 85 years ago – manufactures the comprehensive range of Ganz Solutions electronic CCTV equipment, alongside its complementary line-up of Computar high quality surveillance camera lenses. In addition to the Ganz and Computar brands, CBC’s VSII range of analogue and network CCTV products has been developed using the knowledge, expertise and technical know-how of some of the world’s leading surveillance manufacturers. VSII equipment includes analogue cameras, network CCTV systems, H.264 recorders and LCD monitors.
Its subsidiary CBC (Europe) celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2011 and continues to set the market standard for security surveillance.
As an ISO 9001 quality management systems-accredited company, CBC supplies Ganz CCTV systems to suit all requirements – including fixed, PTZ and dome cameras, housings, infrared lighting, DVR/VCR recording units, flat-screen monitors, and a whole host of supporting equipment such as infrared and white-light illumination, camera housings, keyboards and power supplies.
Meanwhile, CBC’s complementary Computar lenses are designed to maximise the performance of Ganz optical, infrared and thermal cameras. The Computar range includes high-resolution lenses optimised for megapixel cameras, as well as aspherical varifocal lenses produced specifically for day/night cameras and low light applications. The Computar range helps cameras such as the Ganz C-AllView camera, for instance, to offer up to 36x optical zoom and provide up to 520TVL colour image performance down to 1.4 lux, or 0.01 in mono, at F1.6.

Advanced solutions
CBC’s commitment to research & development ensures its equipment range addresses the future needs of installers, end-users, specifiers, system integrators, consultants and other customers. This includes demand for advanced solutions to requirements such as Internet Protocol (IP) network monitoring/transmission, high definition Megapixel camera surveillance, optical, thermal and radar detection, network video and alarm management, and the latest video analytics technology – designed to provide realistic early warning of developing site risks.

Customer service
CBC’s customer service priorities include readily available stock – sourced from the company’s 18,000 ft² UK warehouse – as well as speedy next-day delivery to site, friendly and professional maintenance and technical support, plus thorough operational training.
CBC also provides full project management services, including 24/7 telephone help. Additionally, a standard three-year warranty covers all equipment in the company’s extensive range.
CBC systems are used in a wide variety of applications, such as retail stores, aviation sites, transport projects, industrial locations, the education sector, healthcare facilities, military installations and government infrastructure. Its equipment is noted for its combination of reliability, ease of use, competitive pricing and operational capabilities.

Latest equipment
Latest additions to CBC’s range include its VSoIP network video and alarm management software, for full network viewing, recording and control of both IP and analogue cameras from a wide range of manufacturers. VSoIP protects a customer’s investment in existing systems by integrating legacy CCTV equipment with the latest IP and digital surveillance products.
Meanwhile, CBC’s Radar Vision system tracks and verifies intruders at distances up to 800m (per unit) and the system provides all-round site security using multiple, integrated technologies, with 360° coverage. A Radar Vision system coupled with a C-AllView dual optical/thermal or Night Vision camera can observe people, animals and vehicles without the need for artificial lighting.
Working in conjunction with C-AllView cameras, Radar Vision not only detects the intruders but outsmarts them, by providing images in fog, mist, rain and snow conditions – offering true 24/7 detection.
The latest IP C-AllView model, with benefits including quick and easy connection to a network, lines up alongside CBC’s existing optical, infrared and thermal C-AllView systems, which can also be supplied in IP versions. IP C-AllView adds to the operating benefits of its sister units through its ability to use the Ganz end-to-end IP video and alarm management solution, VSoIP.
Importantly, IP C-AllView also comes complete with onboard video content analysis software for sophisticated functionality including intelligent PTZ tracking, detection of abandoned/removed objects, people counting and loitering detection.
Complementary technology is provided by CBC’s Thru Vision, a surveillance solution using real-time ‘MIST’ technology to focus through fog, haze, smog, sand or rain. The camera’s Dynamic Range Control (DRC) function detects and measures image intensity on the screen. By digitally adjusting colour and contrast, poor quality images caused by environmental factors are automatically corrected.


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