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Wuhan Guide Infrared Co., Ltd.
No.26,Shucheng Rd, Wuhan 430070, P.R.China.
430070 Wuhan

Tel:   +86-27-8767 1983

Wuhan Guide Infrared Co., Ltd., a company with 600 qualified employees and 100 million turnover every year, is the only one Chinese IR manufacturer listed in the global top 10 IR players; GUIDE 's portfolio covers Thermographic, Commercial Vision Systems and Thermal imaging Goverment systems completely, offering global customers with hundreds of IR products in different levels for various applications from industrial maintenaince to security serveillance. We would like to introduce IR technology and infrared cameras for you and your clients to take fully advantage from this hi-tech.
Wuhan Guide Infrared Co., Ltd.,offers OEM service for globle system integrators at the same time. Strong support from our R&D team, who are top-classed in optical, mechanical and electronic design

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